Air conditioning repair home: how to prolong the life of your air conditioner.

You rely on your air conditioner significantly for comfort during the hot months of summer. However, your air conditioning unit can break down at any time especially due to low maintenance and you may opt for an air conditioning repair home. An inefficient unit not only takes repair and maintenance money from you but also surges your electricity bills. Regular inspection is also important. The diagnosis helps to point out small problems that can lead to other major problems if overlooked. Consequently servicing your air conditioner is important as it saves you the expenses of purchasing a new one or buying the expensive components.

You should check your user manual each time you want to carry out a maintenance and service. In it, you will find the maintenance section where you will find instructions on how to perform various maintenance programs. The tips below will help you prolong the life of your unit

Maintain efficient thermostat setting

You should always ensure you set your thermostat is correct. Wrong settings result in more energy consumption and consequently rising energy bills. You should not let your air conditioner run without anyone at home as it not only surges your bills but also quickens the wearing of your conditioner parts which may result in bigger problems with your air conditioner. With the correct setting of the unit’s thermostat, your unit will run more efficiently and enhance the longevity of your unit.

Cleaning of the unit components

A condenser is one of the components of your system that needs constant maintenance for a smooth running. Remove all the dust, debris, old clothes and slash the long grass around the condenser. Check if the fins are in the right position as you straighten the bent ones into shape. Clean the moving parts of the condenser to reduce friction and consequent tear of its components.

Check freon levels every once in a while. Freon is the chemical coolant in your system. Check to find if there are any leakages in the ducts and repair immediately to improve efficiency. Lack of enough amounts of freon results into impaired cooling by you system

Check the filter

To clean the filter, remove them from your unit. Use an antiseptic to clean the filters as it is the component of your unit that traps germs and other allergens. Change the filters as advised by the technician. Clean the filters until you make sure there is no debris on the surface of the filters. When you are done cleaning the filters, look for the coil and ascertain that it is not dirty. If it is clean it using the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove all the debris from the surface.

As you carry out some of these activities yourself, don’t forget to contact an expert as some problems are beyond your knowledge unless you are skilled along that line. If you are never sure of what to do at some point, contacting a certified air conditioner technician is the best bet for your air conditioning repair home. You should call in an expert from boneheatingandcooling before summer as summer is a busy time for AC professionals.

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