Central air conditioning repair: safety tips for air conditioners

During the hot weather of summer, it is a great relief coming to your home to the comfort of your central air conditioner. Central air conditioning repair and maintenance units are relatively more complicated than other unit designs like the window or portable air conditioners. In this regard, it is a bit more complicated to maintain. They supply the entire house with cold air fast and efficiently. Vital as it is, your central air conditioner should be taken care of properly. If you are wondering how to keep your air conditioner more efficient, here are a few tips to help you from your Air Conditioning Repair.

Inspect and clean the air duct

The air duct is an essential component of your central air conditioner. When it experiences leaks however small it may be, it may compromise the whole system’s functioning by reducing its efficiency. In the same vain leaks in the duct can create a gateway for contaminants into your system. When the contaminants like dust get into the duct, it provides a haven for mould to breed. The breeding further jeopardizes your unit. Moulds can be very dangerous as they cause allergic reactions and other respiratory complications. Consequently, it is imperative to clean the duct to evade the problems.

Clean the condenser

The condenser is outside your house. As a result, it is prone to dust and other materials like leaves and stones that may get in and are potential damage to the unit. Cut down long grass that grows near the condenser. As you do this, you should make sure you check the manufacturer manual to avoid touching on areas that could potentially damage your air conditioner. There are commercial coil cleaners that you can use to help in proper cleaning of your condenser. Also, some companies can offer cleaning services to your system components using a high powered vacuum cleaner as well as use chemicals that hamper growth and spread of infective microbial agents. You can consider their services.

Another common problem with your air conditioner may be as a result of your coolant running low. Low coolant level is usually as a result of leaks in the duct. In this case, you will realize your unit does not blow cold air in when you turn it on. Checking on the level of Freon in your system is easy. You should check if the insulation on the lines running from the condenser unit outside to the units in the house is in place. If not, change them immediately.

Central Air conditioner is essential to your home, especially during summer. In this regard, you should take good care of the unit’s components to avoid exposing it to breakdown. By cleaning the duct, filter and the condenser, you go a long way in ensuring efficiency as well as longevity of your central air conditioner unit.

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